Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Split-second decisions.

You know you’re in deep shit if you ever found yourself in the shittiest, most fucked up situation ever imagined.

The softly verbalized “shits” and “fucks” are undoubtedly the most sputtered words with the hopes of reaching composure in a very, very short period of time – only to realize that it won’t help you in any shape or form.

It is the only time when you feel so naked, so fragile, and so…weak at the same time. Not a very good combination, now is it?

The world is a very cruel place to be. Wait, no, that’s wrong. Time (which exists in a merciless place called Earth), is very cruel.

Oh well, without time, we are nobody. You won’t be the person who you are today.

Time makes you tick, remember?

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